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Comtec wants to work with you to solve your complex problems. Our sales representatives and engineers can offer input to make your product successfully manufactured using the PM process. Their expertise in powdered metal is available to you whether you are working to convert your current components from an existing manufacturing process or material or if you are looking for a supplier for completely new components.

Call (814) 834-9300 to talk to one of our sales experts.

Success story:

A metal stamping manufacturing company realized they could not produce a part and were forced to look for other options. After drawing a “napkin” sketch of the component, they sent it out for quotes. Due to the initial low volumes and the high-gloss surface finish requirements, all of our competitors refused to quote the part. We told them that we could help. We meet with the customer, worked on design and process ideas until we were able to finalize a part drawing that would work for both our manufacturing process and their assembly process. We then proceeded to produce the part and by the end of the following year production had increase more than 450% over the initial annual usage.



Our customer service department will make certain that your product orders run on schedule and are delivered to you on time. Our job is to keep our customers satisfied with our products, delivery, and quality of service.


Relationships matter. Our team of professionals work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied.


  • Understand customers needs

  • Find the right solution

  • Consistently produce high quality results

  • Deliver on time

  • Maintain effective communication

  • Follow-through


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