Sintered Metal Products

PM GearsGears, Sprockets, and Timing Pulleys

As a separate subgroup of highly engineered structural powdered metal and/or sintered metal parts Comtec Mfg., Inc. manufactures many different components for a wide range of gear drive systems, timing belt assemblies, and chain drive sets that deliver motion, power, speed, and torque to accomplish a variety of mechanical tasks.

In addition, our expertise in producing sintered metal toothed timing pulleys and chain drive sprockets coupled with our capability to manufacture customer specific designs enables Comtec Mfg., Inc. to produce many variations from standard form to meet the customer’s application.

The powdered metal and/or sintered metal gears, sprockets, and timing pulleys that Comtec Mfg., Inc. manufactures are delivered to the power tool, lawn & garden, outdoor power equipment, medical equipment, hardware, welding equipment, automotive, appliance, and electrical power distribution equipment industries.

Some examples of gears we produce from the simple to more complex:

Parallel axis spur
Pinion gears with internal or external gear configurations
Sector gears
Rack gears
Idler gears
Carrier gears
Ring gears
Nonparallel coplanar gears (such as internal or external helical gears)
zero-bevel gears


pawls-ratchets-lockdogsPowdered Metal Ratchets and Pawls

One of the more structurally engineered category of custom engineered powdered metal parts that Comtec Mfg., Inc. manufactures is a series of mechanical pawls, ratchets, lock dogs, lever locks, latches, lock plates, pawl grippers, and knurled locks.

Powdered metal ratchets & pawls are widely used in a variety of industries having application to many markets.  Customer specific designs of lock dogs, pawls, & ratchets produced by Comtec Mfg., Inc. are used in the manufacture of automotive restraint systems.  Other parts such as lever locks & pawl grippers are used in the construction of hand tools.  Latches & latch locks that we produce find themselves used in the assembly of night vision goggles for our military.



Structural-Parts-hmStructurally Engineered Powdered Metal Parts

Comtec Mfg., Inc. manufactures numerous powdered metal ferrous & nonferrous production line components for customer specific applications for a variety of industrial clients.  Many of the powdered metal and/or sintered metal parts we produce were redesigned from a conventional metal part forming process such as fine blanking, stamping, screw machine, investment casting, extrusion, cold forming, gear hobbing, and CNC machining.

These powdered metal and/or sintered metal components service many markets that include appliance, aircraft, fluid & gas control, outdoor power equipment, railway equipment, electrical power distribution, mechanical power distribution, hand tools, medical equipment, hardware, welding equipment, and automotive industries.


Typical powdered metal part application is varied and includes:

Metal gears & sprockets
Ratchet & pawls
Cams & cam lobes rotors
Shift collars
Thrust plates
Swash plates & swash blocks
Drive rolls
Wire guides
Valve stops
Clutch plates
Shift forks
Shift levers
Clutch plates
Shift forks
Shift levers
Metal inserts
Latch plates
Drive couplers
Locking plates
Drive nuts,
Timing plates
Valve seats
Compression limiters
Lock dogs
Knurled locks
Pawl grippers
Latch locks
Solenoid cores
Pole pieces
Solenoid plungers
Lamination stack-ups
Bus bars
Load bars
Source bars
Pivot terminals
Rack gears
Helical gears,
Bevel gears
Idler gears
Carriers & Carrier gears

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