Powder Metal Materials

Comtec has over 300 compositions of materials. All of our materials are produced to meet MPIF Standard 35 which provides requirements to achieve specific mechanical and physical properties.  Materials utilized include iron, iron copper, copper steel, carbon steel, iron nickel, nickel steel, prealloyed & low alloy steel, sinter hardened steel, diffusion alloyed steel, copper infiltrated iron or steel, soft magnetic or iron phosphorus, 300, 400 & 17-4 series stainless steel, high conductivity copper, bronze, brass, and nickel silver.


Materials and their attributes:

  • Iron & Carbon Steel [F-Series]

    Unalloyed powdered metal iron (F-0000) materials are typically used for lightly loaded structural applications and also for structural parts requiring self-lubrication when strength is not critical.
    Powdered metal carbon steel (F-0005) materials are used primarily where moderate strength and hardness combined with machinability (drilling, tapping, lathe turning, milling, etc.) are desired.
    F-0005 may be heat treated to enhance strength and wear resistance. Powdered metal steels with higher carbon content (F-0008) are used when loading is moderate. F-0008 may be heat treated to enhance strength and wear resistance.


  • Iron Copper / Copper Steel [FC-0208] – wear resistance properties & excellent for heat treating applications.

    Powdered metal iron-copper and copper-steel materials find wide usage in medium strength structural applications. Can be heat treated to increase strength and wear resistance.

  • Iron Nickel / Nickel Steel [FN-0208] – toughness, tensile properties & hardenability, typically heat treatable.

    Powdered metal nickel steels are used typically for heat-treatable structural parts combining strength, wear resistance and impact properties.

  • Pre-Alloyed Steel (formally low alloy steel) [FL-4405, FL-5305, FL-5208] – high strength and wear resistance & good hardenability, consistency in heat treatment.

    Normally used in medium to high density applications. Prealloyed steels are used typically where high performance materials capable of being heat treated are required.

  • Hybrid Low-Alloy Steel [FLN-4405] – best heat treated strength, impact energy.

    Hybrid low-alloy powdered metal steels are used typically where high performance materials capable of being heat treated are required.

  • Sintered Hardened Steel [FLC-5608] – hardenable in the sintering process & typically used when high strength and wear resistance is required.

    Advantages of sinter hardening powdered metal steels include dimensional control, cleanliness and reduction in the number of processing steps. Sinter hardened materials are not readily machined.

  • Diffusion-Alloyed Steel [FD-0405] – medium to high strength structural applications.

    Diffusion-alloyed steels typically are used in medium to high strength structural products. These materials may be heat treated to increase strength and wear resistance.

  • Copper Infiltrated Iron  & Steel [FX-2008] – improved tensile strength, elongation, hardness and impact properties.

    Copper-infiltrated steel powdered metal parts may be used in the as-infiltrated or heat treated condition. Electroplating characteristics are improved because the surface-connected pores of the steel are sealed with copper.

  • Stainless Steel 300 Series Alloy [SS-303L, SS-304-N1, SS-316-N1] – good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance & appearance. Stainless steel powdered metal materials are generally selected because of their good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and appearance.

    SS-303 is non-magnetic and it’s preferred for parts requiring extensive secondary machining. Strength and hardness are high and corrosion resistance is good.

    SS-304 is non-magnetic and it has good strength properties and corrosion resistance.

    SS-316 is non-magnetic and has the best combination of properties in a powdered metal stainless alloy. Corrosion resistance is better than SS-303. First choice for general purpose applications.

  • Stainless Steel 400 Series Alloy [SS-410, SS-410L] – soft magnetic properties and for least corrosion resistance.

    The 400 series stainless steels normally are selected for their magnetic properties or heat-treat response.

  • Stainless Steel 17-4 Series Alloy [SS-17-4PH] – very good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance & appearance.

  • Soft Magnetic Alloys [FF-0000, FY-4500] – magnetic response features in DC magnetic fields

  • Copper [C-0000] – electrical parts, conductivity 85% IACS.

    Pure copper is used in applications requiring excellent thermal of electrical conductivity.

  • Brass [CZ-1000] – hardware items, yield strength of 11,000 psi.

    Brass powdered metal parts have a wide variety of applications in structural parts requiring good corrosion resistance, good machinability, attractive appearance and ductility.