Low Cost Mass Produced Metal Components

We provide our customers with powdered and/or sintered metallurgy solutions as an alternative to conventional metal part forming processes to satisfy their requirements for production line components at a lower cost.

We manufacture highly engineered powdered metal parts. Our commitment to best in class technology, innovative design and engineering, and outstanding customer service ensure that YOU our customer receives exceptional quality and value.

We specialize in producing net shape multi-level components utilizing high precision, CNC multi-platen molding systems that can apply up to 250 tons of pressure. Our sintering furnaces also offer a high degree of flexibility; through the combination of atmosphere (nitrogen & hydrogen) and belt speed, we can engineer the optimal process for any application or material. For finishing we offer heat and steam treating, tempering, oil dipping and impregnation, electroplating, as well as Teflon, epoxy, and organic coatings. All of these services and capabilities are backed up by a comprehensive array of analytical and testing resources, as well as a robust quality program, ITAR compliance, and ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 certifications. This ensures that all parts can provide full conformance with the most stringent standard or specification.

From orders, as small as 500 pieces, up to those that include millions of finished parts or components, our team and vast manufacturing resources will be able to accommodate your requirements.

For more information about all of our services, or to talk to us about your next project, contact us directly.

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