Solutions With Powdered Metal

Powerful Solutions for Your O.E.M. Components

From one O.E.M. to another we share some of the same obstacles. Probing for a dependable supplier should not be one of them. We have been molding relationships since 1987 by providing effective solutions for our customer’s future and will continue doing so for sustainability of your future.



  • Structural Complexity – Leading ability and desire to produce complicated, unconventional net-shape configurations. Multi-level pressing capabilities.

  • Price Value Proposition – Advantage over non-pm metal forming process. Production of near net shape which reduces raw material waste, machining and secondary processes while providing a more consistent product.

  • Engineering Solutions – Provide Engineering assistance to optimize customer design for powdered metal manufacturing.

  • Consistency & Accuracy – Real time electronic process control on the manufacturing floor. We use process control methods to monitor, analyze and improve our process capability.

  • Production Volume Flexibility – Enables us to produce a wide range of volumes specific to the customer’s needs.

  • Material Solutions – Assistance in selecting the proper material for your specific part applications.